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Risen 2: Dark Waters is a video game developed by Piranha Bytes and released on Xbox 360.Objective: If you sided with the Natives, speak with Chani outside the northern.Note: It is possible to kill Floyd, Gunpowder Ben, and Skinner for 75.Objective: Approach the Earth Temple guarded by eight Warriors in the southwest.Objective: Obtain both the SWORD BLADE: SOUL CALLER and the SWORD HILT: SOUL.

Note: You begin this portion of the fight with the TITAN HARPOON.Objective: Get past Torres and make it to the bottom of the sloping path.The Risen 2: Dark Waters game guide contains detailed quest walkthroughs divided by islands and portions of continents at the order at which they visited are during.Risen 2: Dark waters is set several years after the end of Risen, and raging titans have devastated the world and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. In.Extra: Killing the Granne Gozzo is worth 500 Glory and its body can be.Risen 2: Dark Waters cheats, codes, walkthroughs, guides, FAQs and more for XBox 360.Note: Approaching the ship removes Patty from the group canceling the.

Option 2: Tell Lola that Morris is right outside to lower the price to 100.Note: After this quest is complete it is safe to loot Crow and his fallen.It is worth 10 points and can be received for: At least 5 crew members on the ship.The hero, now a member of the Inquisition, is sent out to find out how to stop the chaos caused by these creatures from the deep.Note: This quest can be obtained and completed in a later Chapter.Dark Waters ditches the swords and sorcery of the original Risen.Warthogs worth 50 Glory each, and two Claw Monkeys worth 50 Glory.

Extra: Killing Black Dog gets you 100 Glory and he can be looted for BLACK.Objective: Speak with Jim about his hair and offer to have Kapua make him an.Objective: Go to the Strange Gate behind the Large Waterfall on Antigua and use.

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Objective: Kill the three Savages and loot the bodies for their HEADs.Reward: 100 Glory, the right to wear the HAT, Morris puts in a good word.Objective: Follow Steelbeard a few yards toward Puerto Isabella.

Objective: Sail to Tacarigua, then speak to Booze about the rum for Spencer.Obtain by: Get the MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE from the beach on the way out of the.Obtain by: Talk with Sebastiano in Puerto Isabella about getting help with.

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Obtain by: Speak with Hansu about The Beast then offer to kill it for them, or.

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Objective: Speak with Rick in Harbour Town about Mac to receive the SMALL.Extra: Each savage killed gets you 50 Glory and, besides their HEADs, one.

Objective: Follow Motega farther into the cave, then speak with him.Note: The Treasure contains a piece of JADE, 500 GOLD, a BOWL, a SILVER.

Note: Elia tells you that Cory offers BLOODROOTs in exchange for RUM.Obtain by: Speak with Tao at the Entrance on the Isle of the Dead, exhausting.Gargoyles have infested the game world of Risen 2: Dark Waters,.The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Risen 2: Dark Waters for PC.Obtain by: Talk with Di Fuego about escaped slaves after Sebastiano and.Objective: Cassandra busts out an old school, literally, word problem.Objective: Travel to the mid western portion of the Isle of Thieves.Objective: You can either talk with Kapua, here in the village, first or go to.CALLER, then use the Forging Skill at a Forge to create the SOUL.

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Note: About seven direct hits to its mouth should do the trick.Note: The Treasure contains 400 GOLD, a GOLDEN SCEPTRE, a MONKEY STATUE, a.Note: The SWORD BLADE: WAVE DANCER can be obtained by looting the locked.Objective: Collect the six SHIRTs scattered about the Gnome Village.Risen 2: Dark WatersSet several years after the end of Risen, raging titans have devastated the world and pushed humanity to the brink of existence.This section is arbitrarily separated into animal or animal-like creatures.Note: The Treasure contains 700 GOLD, a CROWN, a GOLDEN PLATE, and a.Objective: Dig up the Treasure under the big red X in the Graveyard.